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Our Partners

Dentsply Sirona traces its roots to humble beginnings – DENTSPLY International was founded as Dentists’ Supply Company in 1899 in New York City and the company that became Sirona Dental Systems was founded in 1877 in Erlangen, Germany. Through the transformative merger in 2016, Dentsply Sirona has grown to become the world’s largest manufacturer of professional dental products and technologies with approximately 16,000 employees, operations in more than 40 countries worldwide and a sales presence in more than 120 countries.

Patterson Companies Inc is a medical supplies conglomerate primarily in the business of veterinary and dental products (ranging from xray equipment to consumable products, dental consumables make up the biggest part of the dental industry). Traditionally a dental company, it diversified its business at the turn of the millennium when it acquired 55-year-old company, JA Webster Inc, a distributor of veterinary products.The company operates directly in only the US and Canada (in Canada through subsidiary Patterson Dental Canada).

Celebrating over 130 years, The Brampton Board of Trade is the go to organization where businesses of all sectors, convene, collaborate and create solutions to boost regional economic prosperity. We provide solutions to the toughest problems businesses face every day including overcoming barriers to growth, attracting and retaining talent and making the right connections. Membership ranges from multi-national corporations to small startups and individual entrepreneurs.

Proto3000 Inc. provides end-to-end advanced manufacturing solutions that leverage design, additive manufacturing, and metrology to reduce product design cycles, enhance prototyping capabilities, improve production efficiency, and maximize supply-chain flexibility. Our suite of 3D printing and 3D scanning products and services enable our customers to solve tough engineering and manufacturing challenges while empowering their design teams to make better products.

Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. is committed to compliance with global regulatory requirements and to maintain the effectiveness of our Quality Management System. At Ivoclar Vivadent, a research team of more than 130 employees across the world spends countless hours developing comprehensive solutions to oral health and dental problems. Our scientists collaborate with renowned international institutes and universities to develop and test products before they go to market.

We’ve taken advantage of our location to give our students an edge in the job market. We partner with companies and organizations that play a role in the academic life of our students by advising course curriculum, providing field education and employment. By helping us develop curriculum, these companies nurture our students to meet industry needs and gain skills that are highly sought after in the current job market.

Medi-Science International Ltd. was founded with the aim of developing projects and technologies that will provide solutions to the human race. One of such primary projects is the development of MediLiVes Analytical Telemedicine System.We recognise the need to effortless and affordable way of connecting patients to a doctor from any location and time. With a compelling vision, an empowering culture, and a world-class team, MediLiVes has progressed from being a proof-of-concept (POC) from 2015 to a proof-of-product (POP) in 2018.